Much of Railinc's technology project work originates each year in committees sponsored by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). These committees work to ensure the smooth and efficient interline movement of freight, identifying common business problems that can be addressed through centralized data and technology resources. They give industry stakeholders the chance to provide input into rules, processes, and technologies that contribute to the safe and efficient movement of freight by rail in North America.


How the Process Works

Planning for an upcoming calendar year's projects starts a year in advance, when committees begin to develop detailed proposals that define railroad operational requirements. The committees give input to the AAR Railinc Committee, which provides business representation and sponsorship for key initiatives that can facilitate common industry solutions for challenges related to IT and business processes. The goal is to gain consensus from railroads on reasonable solutions to those needs. The Railinc Committee evaluates and prioritizes proposals from many AAR committees. Only a dozen or so of the many proposed projects are selected for recommendation to the Railinc Board, which provides final approval.

Once a project begins, Railinc works with the sponsoring committee to ensure milestones are met, adjustments are made when necessary, and that the resulting product provides measurable business benefits to the freight rail industry.

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