Collaboration is the bedrock of Agile project development and the way Railinc conducts business. Project teams work closely with freight rail industry partners, committees, colleagues and vendors so that our customers receive products and services that show an appreciation for their demonstrated needs.

Industry Collaboration
Railinc works closely with industry committees through its parent organization, the Association of American Railroads (AAR). Railinc facilitates and supports technology-related committees to identify and develop new technology projects, improve existing applications and solve critical technology issues. These joint work efforts ensure that a common goal is achieved: keeping freight trains moving safely and efficiently across North America.

Inside Railinc
The agile approach mandates high levels of collaboration within project teams and often across departments. Teams work with customers on committees and through regular input sessions and product testing. Daily stand-up meetings, whiteboard sessions, knowledge sharing and concept discussions take place across the company and departments, capturing and sharing critical product and industry knowledge. Other information is captured and shared through the wiki, intranet and other collaboration tools.

Collaborating with our colleagues and our customers is the basis of our Agile approach and encourages our teams to deliver innovative solutions.