The Customer Identification File (CIF) contains the name, physical and mailing address, corporate parent identification, and a unique identification code for each location of a transportation carrier customer. The identification code is used in exchanges of shipment information to accurately identify transportation company customers and the customers' locations.

CIF facilitates business transactions by enabling users to match incoming documents to customer files and by improving the quality of customer information on bills of lading, waybills, and other documents. It also improves the quality of pricing information and the rating process. A carrier's system can use CIF codes to identify all locations to which a price and other contract terms apply, to provide accurate delivery instructions to a specific location, and to improve shipment reservation, booking, and equipment ordering processes.

Note: CIF is only available to railroad users. Non-railroad entities should contact a railroad to initiate changes to CIF data. Use FindUs.Rail to locate railroad contact information.