Mechanical Defect Reports provide a centralized and automated way to report mechanical defects via Forms MD-11, MD-12, MD-115, MD-500 and MD-502 to Railinc for analysis to reduce mechanical service interruptions (derailments and other line of road failures) and to increase yard and shop efficiency.

Follow these steps to begin using the reports.

Railinc Company Identifier
Register for a reporting mark, or Railinc Company ID, using the Railinc Onboarding Application. There is a one-time setup charge for registering a company ID with Railinc.

Railinc Single Sign-On Account (SSO)
To access MD Reports, go to the Single Sign-On portal on Railinc's home page. Follow the instructions to register or log in. If you already have an SSO account, proceed to Step 3. Contact the Railinc Customer Success Center by email at or by phone at 877-724-5462 with questions.

View Mechanical Defect Reports
Log into and select the View/Request Permissions link from the Launch Pad. Then select the Request button for MD Reports and select the Mechanical Defect User Role.

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